Recruitment Agencies and the COVID-19 Pandemic: How to adapt to the new normal

All industries across the board have been negatively affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic this year. As such, this has had a knock on effect on economies – some falling into a recession – which will undoubtedly have an impact on how companies recruit new talent. It must be pointed out that industries around the world are doing their best to stay functional, and for the typical ‘nine-to-five’ employee, life at the office is more or less the same – plus a couple of sanitizer bottles.

This article will look at the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on recruitment and how you can handle your recruitment processes in the best possible way.

Rather than panic and halt recruitment, employers should be considering ways to ensure that their offices and prospective employees are safe from the Covid-19 threat.

Digitized Recruitment

It’s understandable in the current climate to hesitate on recruitment and employment. However, it’s important to understand how the threat spreads and how people contract the virus as this can help you better prepare your recruitment process.

Chances are that you can’t sift through the vast applications and conduct “non-contact” interviews. When you use the Vencorp job portal, this phase of the recruitment process does not need to change as we do all the interviewing for you. Reducing the need for any contact with potential employees.

The Interview

Virtual interviews are proving to be an indispensable resource in this situation we’re in. Not only is it in line with protecting yourself; your employees; and the applicant, you also provide your prospective employees with a measure of flexibility.

Candidates interviewing remotely from a familiar setting will allow them to be more relaxed  and this is a commonly well-received concept. With the Covid-19 situation, the gesture affords them a level of security to their health and this may translate to them wanting to work for you even more.

The Candidate

Contact with the candidate might cross over from the digital world after the interview process. At this point, employers can have a series of measures in place to make sure the disease doesn’t find its way into the organization on the candidate’s first day on the job.

The interview questions could indicate whether it’s safe to engage the applicant or not. By asking the candidate if they’ve travelled to affected areas in the past few weeks, or whether at any point they exhibited symptoms, a lot may be learnt. Though unconventional, these questions are necessary to protect you and other employees given the worldwide exposure to the virus.

Recruitment agencies typically manage a large candidate databases, it might become a touch too difficult to keep track of which candidate has travelled lately or have been to quarantine. Astute agencies will utilize applicant tracking systems to get a more comprehensive and honest record of where candidates have been. It must be added that there is no definitive way to track symptoms in potential candidates.

Onboarding New Employees

Having new employees starting at your company during the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy. It’s not so simple to provide a great onboarding experience without meeting face-to-face or giving a tour at the office. Simple procedures such as meeting the rest of the team can be moved from the physical norm into virtual meeting rooms so the new employee gets to know some of the people they will be working with going forward.

Layoffs and Increased Applications

It’s not the ideal situation, but the pandemic has led to an increase in the number of people being laid off. Layoffs lead to a large number of unemployed people. This only means there will be more candidates applying for jobs which your company might not be able to fully process. A recruitment agency will go through the candidates for you and select only the best available to add to your roster of employees.

The Fear of Changing Jobs

An area which is already problematic may see the sourcing candidates becoming more difficult. An individual holding a full-time contract with their current employer may have a low level of willingness to change to a new environment. Naturally, people will value security over uncertainty during any crisis, with this current one not being an exception. Inversely,  some top talents who fear potential layoffs from their current employers may be now more open towards new career opportunities.

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