Top 4 Reasons for Doctors to Consider Locum Work

With talent shortages in the health care industry only expected to grow in the coming years, locum Doctors play an invaluable role in the medical field. From short relief for GPs in remote practices to emergency relief at different levels of the hospital system, temporary staff need to fill the gaps. Conducting locum work appeals to thousands of doctors each year for a variety of reasons which we explore further.

You’re not ready to settle

When you’re 5 – 10 years into the profession as a doctor you’re experienced, but there’s always more to learn and room to grow. At this stage, most of the doctors tend to be younger – in that pre-family stage of adulthood where they’re not quite sure if they’re ready to settle down.

There are  a number of job options out there for these doctors. Some specialities tend to be in high demand. Being a full-time locum worker is a great way to gain much needed experience and to discover varied clinical disciplines, work environments and company cultures. There are not many professions where it is so easy to explore unusual destinations and get paid well as with locum work.

You don’t want to retire just yet

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s become commonplace for highly experienced doctors to take on locum work. Some of these doctors love the extra flexibility and lower responsibility that comes with locum work. Due to their years of service and experience, they’re often in high demand and usually have numerous options available to them and therefore more control over when and where they work. These doctors may select work based on location, the kind of work they prefer to do, or no on-call and no weekend work!

Even after retirement, wanting to make a little bit of extra money will make their savings go further. Many doctors see their service to mankind as a calling and they have a sincere drive to add  value to the lives of patients. These doctors are reluctant to retire from their role as a medical professional. Locum work is a great way to stay active in the profession and it enables them to share a wealth of experience and expertise with more junior doctors, without taking on a formal teaching role.

You need extra cash

Now we’re not saying you have to quit your day job to become a locum. Locum work is a great way to generate extra income alongside your regular job. Think of it as a well-paid side-hustle, which utilizes the skills and qualifications you already possess. Doctors can set up alerts for roles which match their preferences and fit in with their current schedule. Saving up for a house or an engagement ring are common reasons doctors want to locum part-time.

Some doctors choose to make extra money by doing a few locum shifts at their holiday location. It’s possible to spend the summer at your favourite beach without worrying about money.

You’re between careers

Becoming a doctor takes a lot of time, hard work and training. So, what happens when burn-out hits and you’re not sure you want to continue in the profession? Walking away from medicine after so much personal and financial investment is hard, particularly if the next career path isn’t clear.

Doctors can locum full-time while they are between careers, using locum work to financially support themselves while starting a new business, studying something different or trying out new ideas.

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