Unit Manger Theatre Department – Richardsbay

The Unit Manager need to provide exceptional care for the patient in the surgical services environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of what is done. In this role you will be  accountable in an oversight capacity for the effective delivery of competent, compassionate, and efficient care for the patient, undergoing anaesthesia, surgery and/or procedures, and Recovery. His/her role includes clinical practice supervision and guidance, human resources management, including staffing and evaluations, financial planning and budget management.
Principle Accountabilities
  1. Provides leadership and direction for the staff in the surgical services arena while supporting and delivering the goals of the department
  2. Ensures the effective delivery of competent, compassionate, and efficient care by monitoring and evaluating patient care processes.
  3. Acts in the role of patient advocate, supervising the overall goals of the department, through leadership, mentorship and guidance.
  4. Promote a work environment that demonstrates caring by accessibility of safe equipment and adequate supplies in an efficiently arranged physical setting.
  5. Operationalise and participate in continuous quality improvement and risk management programs at the department level in a collaborative manner with multi-disciplinary colleagues.
  6. Monitors fiscal budget to control operational and capital expenditures while monitoring and adjusting staffing patterns to improve unit productivity.
  7. Identify appropriate communication, and coordination to ensure smooth processes within the operating rooms.
  8. Provide a mechanism to monitor and enforce regulatory mandates and compliance.
  9. Policy development and implementation
  10. Interface with multi-disciplinary team on a regular basis maintaining professional relationships and acting as a liaison between all levels of staffing and hospital management.
  11. Interact with peers and colleagues and participating in meetings to ensure that staff are advised of ongoing changes, requirements and preparation.
  12. Oversight for all education within the surgical services arena.
Communication and Accountability
  1. Ability to generate and interpret reports for local and corporate reporting.
  2. Participate in department problem solving and improvement of systems.
  3. Ensure staff compliance with hospital policies.
  4. Ensure adherence to professional standards for nursing care.
  5. Conduct weekly staff meetings with all reporting departments.
  6. May be required to be on standby and work extended shifts in situations deemed necessary
  7. Interrelationships
  8. Maintain good working relationships with other departments heads and managers.
  9. Maintain strong professional relationships with physicians, patients, families and outside agencies.
  10. Communicate appropriately during shifts with the Nurse Manager
  11. Demonstrate the ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities while maintaining a leadership and mentoring environment.
  12. Participate in ongoing consultation and collaboration with physicians and other care providers to maximise patient outcomes and unit specific goals.
  13. Demonstrate willingness to assist co-workers whenever needed.
  14. Participate in all relevant committees.
Other Duties and Responsibilities
• Utilise effective time management skills.
• Maintain professional appearance and dress code.
• Comply with guidelines for absence or tardiness.
• Attend all required in-services.
• All employees are expected to remain flexible to meet the needs of the hospital
  1. Registered General Nurse with valid SANC certification
  2. Post graduate qualification in Operating Room Nursing Science
  3. Minimum of five years clinical experience plus minimum of two years of progressive management experience required.
  4. Candidates must possess teaching abilities, leadership qualities, professional judgment, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and a sense of professional development.
  5. Must demonstrate multi-tasking ability.
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