Write a great Locum CV to get you noticed

You have worked hard to get your qualifications and even built up your experience, you need to impress when showcasing your skills to a potential institution or practice. The relevancy of the information on your CV is the most important factor to consider for the position you are applying for.

If you are applying for a position as a locum, it’s important make sure that your resume illustrates an emphasis on the relevant skills and experience for that specific position. By ensuring your CV is up to date, detailed and correct, this will put you in a great position to secure Locum work.

Not only will this help you, your recruiter will better understand the type, duration, and location of the position that you want and this will also help the hospitals and practices you are targeting quickly and easily determine whether you have the skills and experience they require.

What a CV should include for a Locum Medical Professional

Personal / Contact details

This section must include your full name with abbreviated qualifications as well as detailed contact information – including your mailing address, home and mobile phone numbers and your email address.


Provide a list of all educational degrees. This list must start with the most recent at the top. Be sure to include the months and years of attendance, subjects passed and the institution.

Licenses and certifications

Include any licenses with numbers and expiration dates, any life-support certificates with expiration dates, and board certifications with issue, recertification, and expiration dates as applicable.

Work Experience and Duties

As with the qualifications, lead with your most recent or current position, and continue in reverse chronological order. For each position, include the full name of the organization or company, including start and end dates, the area you specialized or title, your position type (i.e., locum tenens or permanent), any hospital appointments, and the name of your direct supervisor. This is not just a list of what you have done but also what you have contributed to and achieved. Make sure you list and explain any gaps in your work history.


Provide a list of at least three references from your specialty, from any position which you held within the past five years. You must include their full name, specialty/title, address, a phone number at which they can be reached, fax number, as well as email. Be sure to let your references know you’ve listed them so they are aware they may be contacted.

Not only does having the perfect CV improve your chances of landing the most desirable assignments, it also helps expedite the credentialing process. Vencorp Placements serves as a liaison between you and the facility at which you will be working. Our goal is to provide high quality staffing solutions to our world-class partner medical facilities across South Africa. We work closely with our clients to build relationships and understand their needs.

This advice is meant to serve as a guideline. You may choose to add and edit to fit your particular needs and experiences. Your CV should serve as a road map of your medical career, not your memoir. Remember to keep it clear and concise.

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